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My Vet Showed Me Prosthetics For Dogs

There is no experience more difficult for any dog owner to deal with than seeing their beloved pup get hit by a car.  When my dog got hit, his back legs were absolutely shattered, and my vet told me that he would likely never be able to walk on his own again.  Needless to say, I was absolutely crushed when I heard this news, and so I needed to know what I needed to do next in order to make his life just a little bit easier.  Thankfully, I trust my vet very much, and he was able to suggest a number of different prosthetics for dogs that he believed would be able to assist my dog in walking again.  Of course, these prosthetics are not exactly cheap, so I was a little bit concerned with whether or not I would be able to afford something nice for him, but my vet worked with me and helped me to find something that I would be able to afford that would also be comfortable for him.

My vet actually showed me a website that had a huge selection of products, many of which would go a long way in assisting my dog’s movement.  My boy had always been so full of energy, and I was worried that this accident would take a lot of that out of him.  My vet was able to explain to me the way that each of these prosthetics worked while also giving me his own personal recommendations.  Basically, he broke them all down based upon quality and price, giving me a list of suggestions while also leaving the final decision up to me.  I told my vet the price range that I was working with, and he was able to find something that he believed would work perfectly for my best friend.

prosthetics for dogs

There were actually quite a few options for my dog’s specific injuries, which was something that I had not really expected.  Different prosthetics function in different ways, and my vet was able to tell me about the pros and cons with any of them without pressuring me to buy a specific one.  This was the moment when I was extremely happy that I had such a good vet, and I made sure to let him know just how grateful I was for his help.  Together, we were able to find an excellent prosthetic for my poor pup, and my vet even helped me to get it on him for the very first time.

My boy can now run around again, albeit not quite as quickly as he could before.  Obviously, I wish my dog had never been hit by a car in the first place, but even though he was, I am glad that we were able to find a good prosthetic for him so that he does not live the rest of his life in a constant struggle.  I am very thankful that I was able to find something that worked for him.