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Finding Success as a YouTuber

If you talk with anyone who makes videos for a living, they will tell you the same thing: making it on a platform like YouTube is not easy at all. It is so simple for us to get wrapped up in the number of subscribers and views that the most popular YouTube stars are getting. But if you knew anything about this platform, you would know that for each one of these people, you are also seeing so many others who do not have the same platform. And it is not because those people are not trying hard enough.

It is the same as acting, singing or any other talent-based job. It is not as though you are going into the office and punching in for a 9-5 shift. It is a job where you are attempting to showcase that you have something to offer that others do not. Whether it is because you are funny, inspiring, creative or you are just someone who can explain things in a good way, you have a talent and that is why you could make it big on YouTube. If you believe in that talent, we want to help you get the most out of it.

What we are going to tell you about is a method where you are going to buy YouTube subscribers and views in the short term. Now I can understand what you are already thinking. You are probably wondering why I would buy views and subs when it is my goal to get them organically. Yes, you are right in your thinking. But you are wrong as you are not viewing this in the intended way. When we say that you should buy YouTube subscribers and views, it is not to completely inflate your figures. This is a short term measure to get you the organic popularity that you need.

Let us say that you are making videos where you are reviewing a game. You will already know that more than 100 people probably do the same thing on YouTube each day. So you are not making a video that is unique in subject matter – even if you have a unique style or angle. That is why you need to show that you are different in some other way. And the method we are using is “fake popularity for the short term.” This will give you what you want.

buy YouTube subscribers

When someone comes across your videos without that inflation, they will see some hundred views and maybe less than 10 subs. That is unimpressive, and they will instantly go to some other video. In fact, they may not even see your video as it will be so low in search results. But now let us say that you bought 1000 subs and 10,000 views for each video. Now you are higher in results pages, and you are relevant to those who see your videos in their search box. They will click – and if you have good content, they will stick around too!